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  Jewelry, by tradition, carries both historical and personal symbolism in how it adorns and is worn on the body. The fabrication process of a

wearable object can be just as meaningful in its execution as the final piece itself. My intention with this ongoing series was to produce a line of jewelry from incomplete molds of both my own personal heirloom objects and the common architectural elements that often fade into the background of our daily lives. By quickly and imprecisely pressing the mold material into small sections of window frames, pewter goblets, brass light fixtures, crystal candy bowls, etc., I aim to mimic the way our minds will often record only fleeting impressions of our everyday experiences. Taken out of context and pulled apart, these disrupted surfaces transform into abbreviations of the original form, yet are still recognizable enough to draw the viewer's eye and make you question if maybe you’ve seen that shape before.

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