Whether you only have a weekend to spare, or are seeking a longer crafting experience, workshops are a time in which you are fully immersed in the medium of your choosing. By learning and creating in your class all day, then working independently in the evening, you are giving yourself the time to pursue the interests you've always held in your heart; but maybe never had a chance to properly nourish. Many arts and crafts institutions offer great accommodations, meals, evening entertainment, and a sense of community that you cannot easily find anywhere else. If finances are tight, not to worry! Most craft schools offer scholarship opportunities, work-study programs, and financial aid to people of all ages, genders, and economic backgrounds. So pack your bags, bring your sketchbook, throw on an apron, and join me in the studio!



Bring your jewelry alive with a fine layer of vibrant color on the surface, created by enameling, the exciting process of fusing vitreous glass to precious metal. Through demonstrations and hands-on work, learn about color theory, stenciling, basse taille, and basic sifting and firing techniques. Take home multiple pieces of colorful jewelry, and the skills, confidence, and excitement to continue enameling in the future. This class is best for beginners and can serve as the prerequisite for the advanced beginner class that follows. Stay another week!

When it comes to enameling, the skills needed for a beginner to become more proficient can feel intimidating. For the metalsmith with basic enameling skills, this workshop will introduce more advanced techniques to develop your knowledge and skills. Starting with a good foundation in sifting and firing, explore basic cloisonné and wet packing, and simple application of precious metal foils. With excellent instruction and plenty of time to practice, students will leave ready to master more adventurous enameling projects. Enameling experience required.


Your journey into the tools and processes of metalsmithing begins here! This class for newcomers will open up a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in learning the skills behind the fabrication and forming of metal into wearable and sculptural artwork. Demonstrations will include how to design, saw, solder, sand, polish, and texture precious metals. Leave with a great foundation to build upon for future endeavors in the metal arts.

Champlevé is a specialized process in which enamels are inlaid and fired into recessed areas of a metal surface. Utilizing the saw and solder method, spaces are created by piercing a design with a jeweler's saw, then soldering the design onto a flat background. Learn processes including depletion gilding, applying and firing metallic foils into enamel, and washing and wet packing the glass. Color theory along with some finely tuned blending and shading will further boost your abilities. Intermediate level; metalsmithing skills preferred.


*Enameling and Metalsmithing workshops for 2023/24 are still  in development and will soon be available for registration!*
-Descriptions and further details forthcoming-

*Due to the ongoing severity of the Covid-19 Pandemic, many craft schools and institutions have wisely scaled back and adjusted their programming. As time moves forward and mandatory vaccinations alongside the use of masks in the classroom continues to provide a safer world for us all, I will be slowly adding more workshops back onto my calendar. This page will be updated periodically with more information as progress is made.

Stay safe, get vaccinated, and I will see you on the other side.*