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  Whether you only have a weekend to spare, or are seeking a longer crafting experience, workshops are a time in which you are fully immersed in the medium of your choosing. By learning and creating in your class all day, then working independently in the evening, you are giving yourself the time to pursue the interests you've always held in your heart; but maybe never had a chance to properly nourish. Many arts and crafts institutions offer great accommodations, meals, evening entertainment, and a sense of community that you cannot easily find anywhere else. If finances are tight, not to worry! Most craft schools offer scholarship opportunities, work-study programs, and financial aid to people of all ages, genders, and economic backgrounds. So pack your bags, bring your sketchbook, throw on an apron, and join me in the studio!



This intensive workshop for newcomers will open up a wealth of knowledge for anyone interested in learning how to bend, hammer, and heat metal into wearable and sculptural artwork.  Demonstrations will include how to solder, saw, sand, polish, and texture precious metals.  We will focus our efforts on giving students a great foundation to build upon for future endeavors in the metal arts.

Enameling is a process in which vitreous glass is fused to precious metals; and is easier to achieve than it may seem.  The layering of vibrant color upon the surface of your jewelry adds light and warmth to your original designs.  Demonstrations will include basic sifting, kiln and torch firing techniques, stenciling, and sgraffito.  Students will leave this weekend workshop feeling excited about the creative possibilities that enameling provides, while simultaneously gaining the confidence to continue pursuing this craft in the future.

Champlevé is a specialized process in which enamels are inlaid and fired into recessed areas of a metal surface. Utilizing the saw and solder method, spaces are created by piercing a design with a jeweler's saw, then soldering the design onto a flat background. Learn processes including depletion gilding, applying and firing metallic foils into enamel, and washing and wet packing the glass. Color theory along with some finely tuned blending and shading will further boost your abilities. Intermediate level; metalsmithing skills preferred.

"Continuing its service to teachers and to the region, Arrowmont is offering a workshop week dedicated to Appalachian teachers and Appalachian arts and crafts. Legacy offers teachers the opportunity to learn in Arrowmont’s creative environment with the support of full scholarships including tuition, lodging, meals, and a completion stipend to K-12 educators from any discipline...Workshops are offered in a range of media. Educators may choose which workshops they have interest in. The week has been designed so that teachers have time to interact, share ideas, and build a supportive network."

The invisible histories of personal objects and the quiet moments that bookend our daily lives will be the focus of this workshop experience. You will gain the confidence and skills to design and fabricate the textures, colors, and forms inspired by a narrative of your choosing. Whether that encompasses the landscape of your everyday routines, or a moment in your life that was transformative, you will learn how to capture and visually express those stories within a wearable or sculptural object. Students are encouraged to bring any source materials for their story concepts; for example collections of objects from our natural environment, old textiles, or an heirloom book. While some students may finish an entire piece within the week, there are others who may choose to focus solely on gaining knowledge and practicing their new skills under the guidance of the instructor. Assets acquired will include design-thinking strategy, a refinement of techniques utilizing various hand tools, and an understanding of how to incorporate personal narratives using traditional processes and materials.


-Fundamentals of Jewelry and Metalsmithing- April 21st-27th- John C. Campbell Folk School

-Intermediate Metalsmithing/Surface Decoration w/ Abigail Heuss- June 2nd-8th- John C. Campbell Folk School

-Saw & Solder Champlevé Enameling- August 4th-10th- John C. Campbell Folk School

*Enameling and Metalsmithing workshops for 2023/24 are still in development and will soon be available for registration!*
-Descriptions and further details forthcoming-

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