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  Whether you only have a weekend to spare, or are seeking a longer crafting experience, workshops are a time in which you are fully immersed in the medium of your choosing. By learning and creating in your class all day, then working independently in the evening, you are giving yourself the time to pursue the interests you've always held in your heart; but maybe never had a chance to properly nourish. Many arts and crafts institutions offer great accommodations, meals, evening entertainment, and a sense of community that you cannot easily find anywhere else. If finances are tight, not to worry! Most craft schools offer scholarship opportunities, work-study programs, and financial aid to people of all ages, genders, and economic backgrounds. So pack your bags, bring your sketchbook, throw on an apron, and join me in the studio!



- Autumn and Winter workshops for Tryon Arts and Crafts School:  TBA


Your journey into the tools and processes of metalsmithing begins here! This class for newcomers and novices will open up a wealth of knowledge for learning the skills behind the fabrication and forming of metal into wearable and sculptural artwork. Demonstrations will include how to design, saw, solder, sand, polish, and texture precious metals. Leave with a great foundation to build upon for future endeavors in the metal arts.

Family Album: A Series of Moments
June 2nd-8th
John C. Campbell Folk School

Co-Instructors: Ashley Gilreath and Abigail Heuss

Design and construct a series of jewelry pieces based on a story or stories that are important to you. Working with small objects of personal significance such as pendants, ornaments, or small sculptures, we will discuss ways to integrate narratives into your work and explore design strategies and construction techniques. Expect to design and create up to three small works that represent a meaningful idea, person, or memory. All levels welcome.


-Saw & Solder Champlevé Enameling- August 4th-10th- John C. Campbell Folk School

-Metalsmithing Course: TBD- October 13th-18th-Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

-Sparkle & Shine: An Introduction to Enameling- November 10th-16th-John C. Campbell Folk School

*Enameling and Metalsmithing workshops for 2023/24 are still in development and will soon be available for registration!*
-Descriptions and further details forthcoming-

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